4th of July Traffic plan

On July 4th, 2019 there will be several major events occurring in the Downtown area which is comprised of the  Marina Arts District, North Beach and the Sports, Entertainment, and Arts District (SEA District).

The public should anticipate traffic congestion in these areas and remain alert for traffic pattern changes and road closures. There will be increased pedestrian traffic crossing roadways so you should plan your commute with this in mind.

Marina Arts District and SEA District Traffic

For anyone planning to attend the Big Bang Celebration events in the Marina Arts District and SEA District should prepare for Shoreline Drive roadway closures (Areas marked in Orange) between Park Street and Resaca Street starting July 4th, 2019 at 7:00 am. It will remain closed until after the fireworks. The area north of IH 37 will reopen after the parade. All Shoreline Drive traffic in the closed areas will be diverted to Water Street.

2019 4th July 1Vehicles parking in any of the areas marked no Parking will be impounded starting July 4th, 2019 at 6:00 am.

We encourage anyone attending these events to utilize the Park and Ride, pick up and drop off points will be at City Hall and Water Street between John Sartain and William Street. The Park and Ride will be operating from 11:30 am until close.

The egress after events in this area will be routed based on the area where the vehicle was parked. The goal is to route vehicle traffic in specific directions back to a main highway. By exiting the corridor based on the area you are parked, it will allow for congestion to clear more quickly. Remember that officers at intersections may not let you turn in the direction that you want to go and once on the highway you can get turned around.

2019 4th July 2

North Beach Traffic

Due to construction, access to North Beach is limited to a single exit at Burleson Street from US 181 North Bound. The Corpus Christi Police Department is anticipating that traffic trying to access North Beach could start to back up onto the Harbor Bridge which will be a hazard to vehicles on this section of roadway. It could become necessary to close the US 181 North Bound Burleson exit (Red Star) to avoid any traffic backup at this location.

2019 4th July 3

Access to North Beach will still be available by continuing northbound to the next turnaround. The exits from US 181 South Bound will remain open for access to North Beach.

We will leave all exits open as long as possible but anticipate that closures could become necessary after 7:00 pm. Once the exit is closed it will not be reopened until after the fireworks to eliminate risk to officers who will be responsible for closing the exit.

If you are attending one of the events on North Beach we encourage you to come early to avoid the additional drive to access North Beach. Please help us make this a safe event for everyone.

Egress of vehicles after the fireworks will be diverted to leave North Beach based on location. Every vehicle that is South of Burleson (Marked in Green) will be directed toward US 181 Burleson underpass where the vehicles can take the Joe Fulton Corridor which leads out to IH 37 near McKinzie Road or to enter US 181 SB entrance ramp at Burleson Street which will take you South Bound over the Harbor Bridge. Every vehicle that is North of Burleson Street (Marked in Red) will be directed toward US 181 at Beach St where they will have to get onto US 181 North Bound. Anyone routed in the opposite direction of where they are trying to get to can then go to the next open exit and turn around.

2019 4th July 4