Robbery and Burglary Suspect apprehended

The Corpus Christi Police Department has apprehended 29-year-old Gilbert Trevino after an investigation determined that he was involved in several crimes within our city.

The Criminal Investigation Division Property Crimes detectives were assigned two separate burglary to a business cases. The first burglary occurred on 07-29-19 at the 3500 block of Leopard while the second occurred on 08-02-19 at the 4000 block of Weber.

During the investigation they determined that Gilbert Trevino was involved in both burglaries and two separate warrants were issued for his arrest.

The Uniform Division officers were able to apprehend Gilbert and during an interview with detectives he admitted to his involvement in a robbery that occurred on 08-04-19 at the 3500 block of Leopard.

Gilbert Trevino