Did you know that we offer prior military five (5) additional veteran points on their civil service exam?

Did you know that we offer 240 hours per year for military time, for those who are active reservists? That is in addition to the vacation, sick, personal and comp time officers already accrue.

Did you know that Corpus Christi Police Department currently has 160 Police Officers that have prior military service? We currently have an additional 20 officers that are active reservists.

Call one of our recruiters at (361) 886-2626, they can help you start the process and answer any questions you may have.

In order to qualify for the 5 veteran points, applicants must pass with a minimum of 70% and achieve the cut-off score (if set).

Only an “Honorable” discharge will qualify the applicant for the five (5) veteran points (given to applicant if they receive 70% or better on the written exam). The Honorable discharge must have occurred prior to the entrance exam. “General (under honorable conditions)” allows the applicant to take the test but will not qualify the applicant to be eligible to receive the veteran points. A DD-214 long form (member #4) must be received on or before the written exam date in order to receive veteran points.

Veterans Day Recruiting