October 2019 Officer Of the Month

Garza II, Joseph

Senior Officer J.D. Garza

On October 29, 2019 at 3:30 am, Senior Officer J.D. Garza contacted a subject at the 2400 block of Morris Street when he believed him to be committing an auto burglary.

As the officer went to contact the suspect, he could smell a strong odor of fresh marijuana coming from the vehicle.

As the officer investigated, he observed narcotics in plain view in the suspects vehicle. In total it was discovered that the suspect had over 3.5 LBS of Marijuana, Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Illicit Mushrooms, THC Oil, an assortment of non-prescribed pills and $3,068.00 in assorted bills. Most of the illicit narcotics were discovered within the arrested subject’s vehicle and some on his person.

Senior Officer J. D. Garza’s daily effort to fight crime does not go unnoticed and thus he has been selected as the Operations Officer of the month for October 2019.