The Corpus Christi Police Department has been conducting compliance checks at local businesses in order to ensure that non-essential businesses remain closed.

Our overall goal with these compliance checks is not to cite or arrest the members of our community, but to ensure that there is compliance with the Stay and Home Order. Officers have made dozens of checks to several businesses since the inception of this order and the majority of our contacts have resulted in education and compliance.

On April 05, 2020 at approximately 2:40 pm, officers arrived at a game room located on the 4600 block of Weber Rd. Once on scene officers discovered that the game room was open for business and operating with patrons inside. Officers have previously conducted a check at this location and found patrons inside. Education was done on prior visits and the business owners continued to disregard the executive order by Judge Canales.

Several patrons were contacted and a total of 16 citations were issued for ‘Violation of Order to Stay at Home’ and 4 others were arrested for unrelated outstanding warrants.

If you know of a non-essential business operating outside of the scope the Stay and Home Order, please call (361) 886-2600. Officers will continue to conduct these compliance checks and ensure that we all abide by the Stay at Home Order. Let’s continue to work together to eliminate COVID-19.