Pedestrian & bicyclist safety

As you travel either as a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorist be sure to look out for one another. Here are some helpful tips for pedestrians and bicyclist.

What can pedestrians do to stay safe?

Always use sidewalks. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the road facing traffic.
Always use crosswalks. Look left, then right, then left again before crossing.
Yield to vehicles.
Don’t assume traffic will stop for you.
Make eye contact with drivers before crossing.
Walk to the right in crosswalks to allow others to pass on your left.
Look left and right before exiting a bus.
Be aware that parked cars or other obstacles can block your view of oncoming traffic.
Exit your car on the curb side of the street if possible.

What if there is no crosswalk?

Check for a crosswalk further up or down the street.
Don’t jaywalk. If you’re hit while jaywalking, the driver may not be liable, and insurance may not cover your injuries.