As a follow-up to yesterday’s officer involved shooting, the following information has been made available for release. 

Investigators have diligently continued the investigation into the connection between yesterday’s incident and that which occurred in Aransas Pass. Although the suspect has not been positively identified, our ongoing investigation strongly suggests that the suspect in both incidents will be the same individual.

As detailed in yesterday’s release, the officer discharged his weapon after the suspect produced a handgun.

Anytime an officer must use deadly force it is tragic, it is even more unsettling that a troubled young man with a gun placed an officer in a position that forced him to discharge his firearm. Through our investigation, we believe officers did everything they could to bring this incident to a peaceful resolution.

Officers encountered an armed suspect who had shown intent to harm others.  This incident took place over several blocks and near a high school that had unsuspecting and innocent students and staff. 

It should be noted that the suspect had discharged his weapon toward officers, directly across from the high school on Castenon Street before the foot pursuit ensued.  When confronted with deadly force, officers opted to use less than lethal force at least twice, without success. 

Due to the proximity of the high school when officers were confronted with a serious threat, they placed themselves between the school and threat, to prevent loss of life. 

The suspect continued to resist officers, refused to follow direct commands, and proceeded to evade on foot.  After a foot pursuit and the initial shots fired by the suspect, officers encountered the suspect on the 1700 block of Hickory at which point the suspect produced a handgun forcing the officer to use deadly force to protect his life and that of his fellow officers. 

The age of the suspect has not been positively identified, but we can confirm that he is a juvenile male. 

Any additional updates will be released as they are made available for release. 

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