Aggravated Robbery Arrest

On April 12, 2022, at 4:04 pm officers were dispatched to the 13400 block of Leopard for an Aggravated Robbery.

Lt. Lance Tagle arrived and upon speaking to the victim found that he had offered to pay for the offender’s bus ticket. When the victim pulled out his wallet the offender, 45-year-old Charles Busby, grabbed the victim’s wallet and fled on foot. The victim chased Charles Busby who then turn on the victim and displayed a knife. The victim stopped chasing the offender and called the Police Department to report the crime. Lt. L. Tagle found Charles Busby close by and placed him into custody. Among the items in Charles Busby’s possession was the wallet with money and the knife displayed.  

Charles Busby was transported to the City Detention Center for booking on the charge of Aggravated Robbery.