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Chief Simpson Meets the Public

Corpus Christi Police Chief Floyd Simpson conducted several “Meet and Greet” events this week which included the Black Chamber of Commerce on Friday, March, 16, 2012.

Girl Scout Troop 9631 opened the event with a flag ceremony and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chief Simpson was introduced by the President of the Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Ann Tryon, on the 6th floor of the City Hall.  The Chair of the Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Geraldine Johnson provided a welcome to the gathering and the Assistant City Manager, Troy Riggs provided opening statements to introduce Chief Simpson.

Mayor Joe Adame watched from the side as Chief Simpson shared comments about the city. “I plan to be here a long time.” Chief Simpson said. “This is not a fly-by-night operation for me. I saw the good progress the city team started in this city and I wanted to get on board before we reached the finish line.”

City Councilman Mark Scott, District 32 State Representative Todd hunter, Nueces County Sheriff JIm Kaelin, Corpus Christi Fire Chief Robert Rocha, and District 34 State Representative Connie Scott were among those in attendance for Chief Simpson’s welcome by the Chamber.


Suspects Involved in Weekend Collision Still At Large

 Occurred on 3/10/12, 05:00 a.m.   Major Accident   815 Military     C1201818 

Officers were dispatched for a major accident in which a white Mitsubishi Galant was traveling eastbound in the 1200 block of Matlock Street at an unsafe speed.  The driver failed to stop and struck the residence at 815 Military Drive. 

The owner of the home reported to Officers that shortly after the accident he observed two males and two females run away from the accident scene.  The three occupants in the home were uninjured, but did have to find another place to stay as the home was found to be unstable.

 The investigation is active and ongoing, but the Corpus Christi Police Department Hit & Run Section would like the public’s assistance in solving this crime.  Anyone having any information regarding this crime is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS.

Chief Simpson Was Sworn Into Office Monday Morning


The new chief of the Corpus Christi Police Department, Floyd Simpson, was sworn into his position Monday in a ceremony at the police main headquarters. The Honorable Jose Longoria, Judge of the 214th District Court, swore in Chief Simpson in front of the command staff at 9:00 o-clock in the morning on the chiefs first day.

Chief Simpson is a native of Chicago Illinois. Chief Simpson was the assistant chief of police in the Dallas Police Department where he was employed for the past 25 years. Thursday, March 8, 2012, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas Chief David Brown said their farewell to Chief Simpson. Monday, March 12, 2012, Chief Simpson was welcomed by Corpus Christi Mayor Joe Adame.

Chief Simpson is 48 years old and his wife of more than 20 years, Tanya, stood by Chief Simpson’s side as Judge Longoria swore in the new chief of police.

The 70th Police Academy Class for the Corpus Christi Police Department stood in the back of the room to watch Chief Simpson’s ceremony. Chief Simpson took the time to shake every cadet’s hand and introduce himself.

“We share a special bond,” Chief Simpson said to the Academy cadets, “since we start in this department together at the same time.”

                Chief Simpson announced from the podium his intention to waste no time to begin business.

Chief Simpson made a short simple comment as all eyes were on him and ended his comments with the announcement; “It’s time to get to work.”


City Opens New Vehicle Impound Lot

The City of Corpus Christi opened the new vehicle impound lot Monday, March 5, 2012. The new impound lot located at 5485 Greenwood Drive was funded by Proposition 3 of the November 2008 city bond election at a cost of 2.7 million dollars. The impound lot features 11 paved acres of land, overhead lighting, access gate, a 2,000 square foot administration building and a vehicle inspection and drop off canopy. The new site has 6 paved acres for a vehicle storage lot, 4 paved acres for an auction lot and 5 acres outside of the existing facility to allow for expansion.

The new impound lot replaces the old impound lot and solves several problems experienced at the previous location. The 5 acre lot on the 2600 block of Holly Road experienced overcrowding, poor drainage and had no room for expansion. The lot on Holly Road opened in 1987 and had 3 additions before it closed operation on March 5, 2012. The location on Holly will be retained by the city to store specialty vehicles and equipment until the new Public Safety Warehouse opens in July 2013.

The employees and the vehicles have moved to the new site from the Holly location. Two additional employees were hired and one wrecker was purchased as a result of the monthly auctions that began March 2011.

The City Impound lot accepted 6,579 vehicles in 2011 for an average of 548 vehicles per month. The City Impound lot accepted 5,857 vehicles in 2010 for an average of 488 vehicles per month. The City Impound lot accepted 1,243 vehicles in 2012 as of March 8, 2012 for an average of 621 vehicles per month.

The site for the new impound lot was the former Hala Pit landfill which was in operation from 1965 until 1971. The site was undeveloped since 1971 until this project was selected for the use of this land.

Environmental studies and safety evaluations delayed the completion of the project and was no additional financial cost. The safety of the environment, employees, and the public is the highest priority that was not compromised in the construction of this project.

The new impound facility serves the purpose to enhance public safety and neighborhood improvement. This area will be the collection point for the uninsured and abandoned vehicles the patrol officers remove as hazards from our city roadways. The facility is open every hour of the day and every day of the year. The Corpus Christi Police Department would like to thank the citizens of Corpus Christi for providing the resources needed to serve this community.

City Officials Outline Spring Break Plans During News Conference at Emergency Operations Center

Occurred March 7, 2012                       2406 Leopard Street

Local, County and State Officials unveiled the 2012 Spring Break Public Safety Plan during a 1:00 PM news conference today at the City of Corpus Christi’s Emergency Operations Center.

The City of Corpus Christi wants everyone visiting our Sparkling City by the Bay during Spring Break 2012 to enjoy a safe and relaxing vacation. For months, the Police, Fire, and Parks and Recreation Departments, along with our local and state partners, have been conducting planning sessions and making preparations to accomplish that goal.   In order to enhance public safety and better coordinate resources from the various departments and agencies, this year the City will conduct a partial activation of the Emergency Operations Center on the two busiest weekends. Staff members at the EOC can remotely monitor traffic and beach conditions through the use of closed circuit cameras, as well as direct additional resources to the personnel on the beach. In addition, the partial activation provides EOC staff with an outstanding opportunity to gain experience and training should the need for a full activation, such as a hurricane or man-made disaster, arise.

Spring Break Beach Patrols begin on March 8th and continue through March 18th. The first shift will begin patrolling each day at 11 AM and continue until 9 PM, or when the large crowds disperse.  A second shift will begin at 5 PM and patrol the beach until 3 AM.  Contingencies are in place for additional officers to respond to the beach if needed.

The Fire Department will have a squad patrolling the beach emergency lane from 11 AM to 9 PM on weekends.

Lifeguards will be patrolling the beach from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm to respond to minor incidents and beach rescues.

On peak days, beach goers will be directed to enter the beach at Access Road 3 and exit at Zahn Road.  Beach traffic will be one way from Access Road 3 to Zahn Road. Traffic officers will control traffic with a portable signal at Zahn Road and SH 361.

Beach goers are encouraged to leave early and expect delays due to heavy traffic on the Island. The CCPD PIO will provide traffic and beach updates on Citizen Observer ( and CCPD’s official Twitter feed (@CorpusChristiPD).

While the City of Corpus Christi encourages everyone to have a good time and enjoy the beach, officers will be on the lookout for alcohol related crimes such as DWI, public intoxication and underage drinking. Beach goers are reminded that the following are prohibited at the beach by city ordinance:

  • No glass containers (City Ord 10-65)
  • No littering (City Ord 10-57)
  • No dogs on beach from Access Road 3 to Zahn Road (during Spring Break by Special Order of the City Manager City Ord 10-59)

Due to safety concerns, the City of Corpus Christi strongly requests pallets not be taken to the beach.  Burning of pallets is prohibited as the nails leave dangerous litter.  Fires on the beach also have to comply with City Ordinance 10-67.

Hike, Trek, or Walk to our March Monthly Auction and Drive Away in Style

The C.C.P.D.’s commitment to “Keep Corpus Christi Safe” has continued with its “Zero Tolerance No Insurance Initiative”

On Saturday, March 3, 2012, a total of 77 cars will be auctioned at the Corpus Christi Police Department Vehicle Impound Lot located at 2600 Holly Road during our monthly auction. Approximately 14 of these vehicles are “No Insurance” impounds. On Friday, March 2, 2012, the general public will be allowed to register and view the vehicles to be auctioned from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There is no registration fee.

On the day of the auction, the general public can continue to register and view the vehicles from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  The auction will commence promptly at 10:00 a.m. The vehicles to be auctioned can be viewed at An auction list may also be downloaded from the same website.

The department’s strong stand and enforcement of this “Zero Tolerance No Insurance Initiative” will continue and all vehicles involved in accidents will be impounded and the driver cited if they are unable to provide financial proof of insurance. Driver’s license and proof of financial responsibility checkpoints will continue to be conducted at the Shift Captains’ authorization.

Officers issued 5,503 citations and impounded 1,212 vehicles for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility during 2011.  During February 2012, Officers issued 376 citations for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility and impounded 83 vehicles for the same charge.

Walk, Ride, and Drive Safely to “Keep Corpus Christi Safe”

Safety is a shared responsibility for all road users, to ensure pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorist safety. In an effort to “Keep Corpus Christi Safe,” we are asking the community to place a high priority in traveling safely to prevent accident related fatality tragedies.

The Corpus Christi Police Department encourages pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists to follow these Safety Tips:


  • Before crossing a roadway, stop, look, listen, and think before crossing the road.
  • Pedestrians, never assume the motorist has seen you and will stop for you. If a driver is on a cell phone, they may not be paying enough attention to drive safely.
  • Always cross at a pedestrian marked cross walk or at a traffic signal light.
  • Be seen. At night wear light-colored clothing and cross in a well-lit area.
  • Stand clear of buses, hedges, parked cars or other obstacles before crossing so drivers can see you.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk; if there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic.
  • Obey traffic signals such as WALK/DON’T WALK signs.


  • Ride with the traffic flow
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Bicycles must have a front and rear light
  • Wear light clothing and reflective vest, especially at night
  • Pay attention at all times
  • Look both ways before turning
  • Lookout for parked cars in case of

Motorists are encouraged to always be aware of your surroundings, be alert, patient, and watch for pedestrians and cyclist at all times.


  • Scan the road and the sides of the road ahead for potential pedestrians.
  • Before making a turn, look in all directions for pedestrians crossing.
  • Don’t drive distracted or after consuming alcohol or other drugs. Do not use your cell phone while driving.
  • Never pass/overtake a vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians.
  • Obey speed limits and come to a complete stop at a STOP sign.
  • Use extra caution when driving near children playing along the street, or older pedestrians who may not see or hear you.
  • Always be prepared to stop for pedestrians or take immediate evasive actions to prevent a serious accident. 

Corpus Christi Police Department Hit & Run Section Needs Your Help

On February 13th, Corpus Christi Police Senior Officer Enrique Roman was seriously injured while he investigating a motor vehicle accident in the 5000 block of South Padre Island Dr. The officer was struck by a stray wheel and tire that apparently became dislodge from a passing vehicle. The Police Department did not have any information on where the tire came from or how it happened.

The community stepped up and several calls came into the Police Department about the incident. The Police Department was able to find out after talking to several witnesses that the tire came off a large trailer and the driver did not know what happened.  When the police and community work together police investigations can be solved.

In the past several weeks the Police Department has seen an increase in traffic accidents involving pedestrians and bike riders being struck by vehicles. The Police Department needs your help in solving these accidents that have occurred in the past several weeks.

The first one happened on February 1st in the 700 block of Park Avenue around 9:42AM. A pedestrian was found lying on the roadway with critical injuries from having been struck by a vehicle. Witnesses tell investigators that a red truck was traveling east on Park Avenue when the victim ran out into the street not in a cross walk and was struck by the truck.

The second one was a fatality accident that occurred on February 11th in the 7300 block of McArdle around 9:39PM. The pedestrian was walking westbound on McArdle when she was struck by a vehicle traveling in the same direction. A white pickup or large SUV was seen traveling westbound at the time of the accident.  The vehicle may have some minor damage to the right front.

The third was also a fatality accident that occurred on February 16th at the corner of North Brownlee & Caldwell around 9:20PM. This accident involved a man riding his bicycle north on Brownlee when an unknown vehicle struck him from behind, throwing him off the bike. There was no information on the vehicle that hit the bike rider.

The Police department is reaching out to the community to help in solving these terrible accidents. If anyone one with any information regarding these accidents please call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS or the Police Department Traffic Division Hit & Run Section at 361-886-2596.

As stated above when the Police Department asked the public for help in the accident involving Senior Officer Roman, the public promptly helped out.  We ask the community to aid us again and help solve these Hit & Runs.  Remember, we can’t do it alone and seek your assistance.

        The City of Corpus Christi has had six fatality accidents so far this year, last year at this time we had nine. This year several have involved bike riders and pedestrians. The Police Department reminds pedestrians to walk against traffic and where light-colored clothes at night or a reflective vest. If you are riding a bike, the traffic code states at night the bike will have lights on the front and back. You should ride with traffic and also where light-colored clothing or a reflective vest.  Drivers also need to be on the lookout for bikes and people on the road.

City Manager Appoints New Police Chief

City Manager, Ron Olson, announced his selection today to fill the Corpus Christi Police Department Police Chief position as Mr. Floyd D. Simpson of Dallas, Texas.  “Mr. Simpson has a strong commitment to community policing,” said Ron Olson. “There is no doubt he will be able to continue the great work started in Corpus Christi but also help the department become the benchmark to other cities,” added Olson. Mr. Simpson’s appointment will begin March 12, 2012.

Mr. Simpson is currently the Assistant Police Chief in Dallas, Texas. He has over 20 years of policing experience including serving as an Assistant Chief of Police over both administration and patrol divisions during his tenure. Along with day-to-day activities of Assistant Police Chief, Simpson has also been involved in key projects including NFL Super Bowl XLV, community policing 2.0 back to patrol initiative and contributing to the historical 8 consecutive years of overall crime reduction in Dallas. Simpson is a graduate of Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree, Amber University with a Master of Business Administration and the 214th session of the FBI National Academy. He has been married for 24 years and has four children.

“I’m looking forward to calling Corpus Christi home. The department has really come a long way and I want to keep the momentum going,” said Floyd Simpson.  “The community is making a difference in policing and I’m seeing it first hand in Corpus Christi. I think it will be great fit for me and my family,” added Simpson. The City is currently planning a public reception to allow residents an opportunity to meet the new police chief and his wife. As details are finalized an announcement will be made public.

HITS Triathlon Rolls into Corpus Christi

On Saturday, February 18th and Sunday, February 19th, the HITS Triathlon Series will be held in our beautiful city. Over 500 athletes will be challenged in a combination of swimming, biking, and running events throughout the city.

Mark Wilson, the Race Director feels the city is ripe for these types of activities and foresees Corpus Christi as being international venue.

The Police Department will have over 50 Officers along with the Traffic Division working traffic control along the route between downtown and the National Sea Shore.

On both days expect traffic delays and seek alternate routes to your destinations along the triathlon route. Competitors will have a protected traffic lane from the American Bank Center to Cole Park and will continue in the bicycle lane as they head southbound towards Ennis Joslin Drive and S. Padre Island Drive. From S.P.I.D. and Paul Jones Drive they will have a protected traffic lane coned for them until they reach the National Sea Shore.

Please be aware of the participants and take extra caution for both the athletes and the Officer while driving along the route, especially on the S. Padre Island Drive. Beginning Friday at 10 PM and early Saturday morning, Traffic Officers will cordon off the triathlon route with cones and barricades.

The triathlon will at start at 7 AM each morning and carry on into the evening hours. Please visit the HITS Triathlon website at for maps and event locations.