Warrant of Arrest Suspect Captured After Short Foot Pursuit

10:43 am/9.12.2011  3338 Holly  Warrant of Arrest x2/Evading Arrest Detention    1109120063

During a call for a disturbance, Officers attempted to contact Jacob L. Perez (8.20.1990) who fled the area on foot. Officers pursued Perez throughout the apartment complex. During the foot pursuit, Perez jumped over a few fences then onto the area of Venture and Xanadu Streets.

At one time Perez jumped onto a roof of a house in an attempt to avoid being detected by Police. Once Perez was seen by Officers, he jumped off the rooftop and ran back to the original location of 3338 Holly where Officers were able to take him into custody.

Perez was treated my medics at the scene for the scrapes he sustained while jumping fences. He was found to have two Nueces County warrants for Motion to Revoke probation. He was additionally charged for Evading Arrest Detention due to him running from the Police. He was booked into the City Detention Center.


3938 Surfside Homicide Investigation

Monday 9/12/11, 6:35 p.m.     Homicide     3938 Surfside      1109120152

Corpus Christi Homicide Detectives are investigating the City’s most recent murder investigation.  At 6:35 PM, Officers responded to 3938 Surfside for a “Nature Unknown” call. After Officers arrived, they discovered a 51-year-old female lying on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood, deceased. She had been discovered at the location by her boyfriend.

Homicide investigators were called to the scene and began a murder investigation.  Due to the nature of the ongoing investigation and the circumstances surrounding it, the Police Department is unable to release any further details about the investigations at this time.

When more details become available, they will be released by the CCPD Public Information Office.

Anyone having any information regarding this crime is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS.

In Custody Death News Conference

The Sunday night “In Custody” death news conference was video taped and can be viewed in it’s entirety here.

The length of the video is about 8 Minutes & 7 Seconds.

This video doesn’t exist

Hungry Drunk Rams Wall, Damage Estimated at $10,000

Occurred 9/10, 2:01 a.m.  D.W.I./Criminal Mischief   14301 S. Padre Island Drive   1109100018

Officers contacted a Whataburger employee who reported a White male dressed in a black and blue shirt sporting a black-eye was parked at the drive-thru yelling for his food.  Joseph Green (07/29/83) was told they had been closed for over an hour. 

Green started cursing and yelling at the employee as he drove away.  Shortly thereafter, employees heard a loud crash and observed Green backing up his red Ford F-150 out of the side of the building.  He drove a victory lap around the Whataburger and fled westbound on Park Road 22.  Officers quickly located him at 1802 Ennis Joslin.  His truck was still covered in white brick-dust. 

Green appeared to be intoxicated and was administered Standard Field Sobriety Tests.  A  Blood Warrant was obtained for a Blood Draw.  Green was transported to Spohn Memorial to be medically cleared and the Blood Draw. 

He was arrested and booked at the CDC.  Green was charged with Criminal Mischief and Driving While Intoxicated (State Jail Felony).

In Custody Death, Officers Names Released

The Corpus Christi Police Department’s Criminal Investigation and Professional Standards Divisions are continuing its dual investigation into the “in custody” death of a 32-year-old male.  

As reported Sunday evening, Officers responded to the Waterford Apartments after the police department’s Dispatch Center received several calls reporting a disturbance. 

During their investigation, Officers became involved in a scuffle with the male as they attempted to arrest him.  During the struggle, Officers deployed their “Taser” in addition with OC “Pepper” Spray.  Both tools had little to no effect on the suspect. 

Once the suspect was finally handcuffed, he collapsed.  Officers immediately rendered aid and applied CPR until Corpus Christi Fire Department Medic Units arrived.  The suspect was transported to Doctor’s Regional Hospital where he expired.  

The four Officers involved in the incident are Javier Cantu, 13 years of service; Ismael Ybarra, 13 years of service; Daryl Anderson, six years of service; and Lou Villagomez Jr., six years of service with the police department.  

As per department protocol, all four Officers have been placed on administrative leave pending the conclusion of the investigation. 

Anyone with any information on this incident is encouraged to contact the Corpus Christi Police Department Homicide/Robbery Bureau at 361-886-2841.

In Custody Death

Occurred 9/11/11, 4:41PM     Disturbance in Progress Call 3802 Caravelle        1109110113

             Earlier this evening, as Chief of Police Troy Riggs pointed out in a press conference, Officers responded to a scene to restore order in our Community.  Unfortunately, as a result of the situation, a tragedy occurred.  The tragedy is felt by the family of an individual who lost his life as well as the Corpus Christi Police Officers involved in the incident.  The following is an account of that incident. 

             On 9/11/11, at 4:41 PM, Corpus Christi Police Officers responded to a Disturbance call at the Waterford Apartments.  Numerous calls reporting the disturbance came into the Dispatch Center between 4:41 PM and 4:51 PM.

            Two CCPD Officers arrived at the scene at 4:48 PM.  As the Officers were investigating the disturbance, they contacted a 32 year old male.  After contacting this individual, he charged the Officers and a scuffle began.  The suspect was able to break free and ran down the stairs of the apartment, jumped a wooden railing, and fled on foot. 

            Officers chased the suspect and caught him a short distance away, still in the apartment complex.  Upon catching the individual, another struggle began as back-up Officers arrived to assist.  As Officers attempted to arrest the combative suspect, a conductive energy device (“Taser”) was deployed in addition to OC (“Pepper”) Spray.  Both of these tools had little to no effect on the suspect.

            At 5:02 PM, the Officers were finally able to handcuff the suspect.  Shortly thereafter, the suspect collapsed.  Officers immediately called for a Medic unit.  At 5:06, a Medic Unit from the Corpus Christi Fire Department arrived at the scene and subsequently transported the suspect to Doctor’s Regional Hospital where he expired. 

             Two investigations, which have already started, will take place over the coming days.  One of these investigations will be handled by the CCPD Criminal Investigation Division.  Witnesses, Officers, and anyone else involved in this incident will be interviewed, and the evidence will be gathered and examined thoroughly.  When the investigation is complete, it will be delivered to District Attorney Mark Skurka.  After the case is given to the District Attorney’s Office, it will be presented to the Nueces County Grand Jury.  The Grand Jury will review the case in its entirety and determine whether charges will be filed.

            The second investigation will be an Administrative investigation handled by the Internal Affairs Division.  This investigation will focus on three things; Policies, Procedures, and Training in the Corpus Christi Police Department.  The investigation will determine if those three items were followed appropriately during the incident.

            Also included in this second Administrative investigation, is the required documentation which will be submitted to the Texas Attorney General’s Office.  This is mandatory in all “In Custody Deaths” occurring in Texas, as documented in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures Article 49.18.  This documentation must be delivered to the Attorney General within 30 days. 

             As is standard in this type of incident, the four Officers who were involved have been placed on Administrative Leave.  The CCPD PIO Office will update the Community when additional information becomes available.

CCPD Honor Guard Performs at 9/11 Ceremony

The Corpus Christi Police Department Honor Guard performs at the CCFD 9/11 Memorial Ceremony at Sherrill Park on 9/11/2011.

This video doesn’t exist

Patriot Run Video

This video doesn’t exist

A short video with clips from the Patriot Run 5K at Sherrill Park.


Narcotics/Vice Division conducts Eight Liner Investigation

Working off citizen complaints, Officers with the Narcotics/Vice Division conducted an undercover investigation at Cody’s Sports Bar. The bar is located at 5637 ½ Carroll Lane @ Holly Road.
Complaints indicated that cash was being distributed to those “winning” on the Eight Liner gambling Machines.

Undercover Officers were able to obtain a warrant and executed it on Sept. 9, 2011. Officers seized Eight – Electronic Gambling Devices and $3436.00 in U.S. Currency.

No arrests were made as the case is still under investigation.

If you have any information on other gambling locations in Corpus Christi, call Crime Stoppers @ 888-TIPS


“Long Lost” Nephew Scam Artist Thwarted

Occurred 9/9, 11:21 p.m.   Theft    4833 S. Padre Island Drive   1109090082 

Officers responded to a theft scam at the Wal-Mart customer service desk involving an 85-year-old victim.  Customer service representative reported an elderly victim sent $2,500 via a Money Gram to Monterrey,Mexico.

The victim told Officers she received a phone call from a person claiming to be her “long lost” nephew from Mexico.  He went on to ask for $2,500.00 to keep from being imprisoned over a traffic accident.

The elderly victim agreed to send the money via Money Gram.  The transaction was similar to a fraud which occurred earlier in the week and the customer service representative was able to reverse the transaction.  The money was returned to the victim.

As of today, the Corpus Christi Police Department has received several reports of unscrupulous individuals taking or attempting to take advantage of Senior Citizens in our community.  Please talk to your family, friends, and neighbors and warn them of this theft scam.

We’ve included several tips for seniors and their caregivers:

  • NEVER give personal or financial information over the telephone
  • Do Not offer any family names to callers unknown to you.  They will assume the identity of these family members.
  • Remove yourself from telephone calling and mailing lists.
  • Remember, if the caller asks to keep the call a secret, he doesn’t want outsiders to know about the fraud.
  • Check with other family members before sending money or any other assistance.

Please contact Crime Prevention Advisors Imelda Benavides and Brenda Rodriguez at 361-886-2765 to schedule a personal safety presentation.

Corpus Christi Police Daily Blotter

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