Argument Turns to Fatality Accident

10.21.2011/12:55am    100 Jasper    Fatality Traffic Accident     C1107608

Officers responded to 100 Jasper for a pedestrian accident in the Gateway Mobile Home Park.

Upon arrival they found the victim, a 39 year old male, in the roadway with fatal injuries. Medics found life signs and transported him to Spohn Memorial.  Officers also contacted the driver, a 37 year old female. She advised that after an argument with the victim (an acquaintance of hers), the victim was attempting to gain entry to her vehicle to assault her. She drove away while the victim was holding onto her mini van and he was drug under the vehicle. The victim was later pronounced at the hospital.

Both Traffic follow-up and Criminal Investigation Division Detectives responded to the scene. Crime Scene investigators also responded to process and photograph. The case is still under investigation.