Do You Know Where Your Catalytic Converter Is??

Catalytic Converters are a necessary part of your vehicle’s exhaust system which helps reduce vehicle pollution, but they have become popular with thieves.  The Corpus Christi Police Department has experienced a recent rise in the theft of Catalytic Converters from fleet businesses and car lots in the past several weeks.

The converters metal properties (platinum, rhodium and palladium) make them valuable and attractive to thieves for resale to metal recycling centers.   The converters have no identifiable markings which make it impossible to identify victims or prosecute those involved in theft of the converters.

Lt. C. White, the Corpus Christi Police Department Auto Theft Task Force supervisor states, “It only takes a couple of minutes to steal the converters by cutting them out or unbolting them. They can be stolen from your driveway or street, car dealerships or parking lots.”

Corpus Christi Police Department Auto Theft Task Force Detectives recommend a few tips to prevent the theft of your catalytic converter:

  • Park in a well-lit area or light up your driveway
  • Install a car alarm
  • Engrave your converter with your vehicle license plate
  • Have your mechanic secure the converter to your vehicle’s frame
  • Buy an anti-catalytic theft device

If your Catalytic Converter is stolen please call our non-emergency number at 361-886-2600 or file a report online at