First Friday Fun Fact

The Corpus Christi Police Department has a campaign called “First Friday Fun Fact” that will focus on different Texas traffic laws.  It will run on the first Friday of each month. Here is this months traffic fact.

Move minor accidents out of traffic

Have you ever been caught in a traffic jam only to find that it was caused by a minor crash blocking a lane?  Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “there oughta be a law…”  Well, there is.  The law requires that anyone involved in an accident not obstruct traffic any more than is necessary.  The law even specifically requires that, if an accident occurs on a freeway or freeway ramp in a metropolitan area and all involved vehicles can be safely driven, the motorists involved must move their vehicles off of the freeway immediately.  This is to help prevent a traffic hazard and resulting congestion which, besides unnecessarily delaying others, also increases the likelihood of other accidents.  Many people think that their insurance won’t cover them if they move their cars from the scene before the police arrive, but this is absolutely false.  The police and insurance adjustors can usually determine what happened from the stories of those involved and the damage to the vehicles.  Besides, in the case of most accidents, you legally don’t even need to have the police come to the scene.  But if you’re worried, then quickly snap some pictures of the scene and vehicles with your cell phone camera before you move.



Texas Transportation Code 550.022 – ACCIDENT INVOLVING DAMAGE TO VEHICLE

 the operator of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting only in damage to a vehicle that is driven or attended by a person shall:

(1) Immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident or as close as possible to the scene of the accident without obstructing traffic more than is necessary;

(b) If an accident occurs on a main lane, ramp, shoulder, median, or adjacent area of a freeway in a metropolitan area and each vehicle involved can be normally and safely driven, each operator shall move the operator’s vehicle as soon as possible to a designated accident investigation site, if available, a location on the frontage road, the nearest suitable cross street, or other suitable location to complete the requirements of Section 550.023 and minimize interference with freeway traffic.

Failure to move your vehicle out of the traffic lanes could result in you receiving a citation for this violation with fines up to $500.