Officers Take Female Into Custody On Caribou Drive

Date: 10/10/2015       8:45 AM
Location: 7900 Caribou Drive
Case Number: 1510100112

A 51 year old female homeowner called Corpus Christi Police just after 8:45 AM today to report a disturbance at her home located in the 7900 block of Caribou Drive.

The female said that a female friend of hers, who had been staying with her for the past few weeks, had taken her car and a gun from her home just before 2 AM, following an argument. The female homeowner called police at that time, but Officers did not arrive in time and the female had already left.

Officers were called back at 8:45 by the homeowner, who said her friend had returned and was still armed. When Officers approached the residence, the homeowner came outside and told them that her friend was inside her home and armed with a handgun. The homeowner said that her friend had also made threats to commit suicide and shoot police.

Once the homeowner was safely removed from the residence, Officers attempted to talk to the 45 year old female friend. After unsuccessful attempts to get the female to disarm herself and come outside, the Corpus Christi Police Emergency Response Unit consisting of SWAT Officers and HNT Negotiators responded to the scene at 10 AM.

Negotiators outside of the home were able to communicate with the female inside by cell phone, and loud speaker. After nearly 5 hours of talking to the female, she exited the back door of the residence and was taken into custody.

She was transported to Spohn Memorial Hospital and will have a mental health evaluation. The female does have an outstanding warrant for her arrest for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle that will be served when she is released.