Mosquitos Are On the Way! City Asks for Help to Minimize the Mosquito Impact

With the rain that just occurred and the warm weather projected for next week, Corpus Christi can expect an increase in mosquito activity within our city. As you are out enjoying your spring break, keep in mind the 5 Ds of mosquito bite prevention.

    • Dump- Mosquitos spend the beginning of their lives developing in aquatic environments and they don’t mind small spaces. By periodically dumping standing water you can prevent them from growing into adults that feed on you. Standing water in old tires, plant containers, buckets and any other containers with standing water all provide a great environment for many species of mosquitoes to develop. By being vigilant in dumping these containers you are doing a lot to control mosquito populations.
    • Drain– Kiddy pools, water troughs, pet water dishes and birdbaths all provide an ideal environment for mosquito larva to grow. You can prevent this by regularly draining and refilling these water sources.
    • Dress– When you are dressing to go outdoors prepare for mosquitoes. Wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible to prevent bites. Long pants and long sleeve shirts made out of lighter materials are ideal in our hot summer climate when venturing into the great outdoors. Also consider hats with mosquito netting
    • DEET- Use an insect repellent that lists DEET or alternatively eucalyptus oil to prevent mosquito bites. DEET is proven to be the most effective repellent and safe for human use. Bug zappers, candles and ultra- sonic devices are not effective mosquito control measures. Save your money and invest in proven solutions like DEET based insect repellents.
    • Dusk/Dawn- Mosquitoes are most active during the early morning and evening hours. Try to stay indoors during these time periods and if that is not possible make sure you are dressed to prevent mosquito bites and using DEET based insect repellent.

The city will be out next week larvaciding public areas that have standing water to help prevent the hatching of mosquito larva.

The city does not spray aerosol adulticide unless we have a detection of an arbovirus or a continuous high count of a specific species of mosquito at a trap site.