Police Remember Lieutenant Stuart Alexander

Alexander 8X10

The Corpus Christi Police Department remembers fallen officer, Lieutenant Stuart J. Alexander who was killed in the line of duty March 11, 2009. A Corpus Christi Police Patrol Officer initiated a traffic stop and the violator attacked and physically assaulted the officer. The violator fled from the traffic stop and scene of the assault of the police officer in a vehicle. The violator used the vehicle as a weapon against responding officers and rammed several pursuing patrol vehicles.

Lieutenant Alexander positioned himself on the grass median on State Highway 358 near Agnes for road spike deployment. The violator abruptly swerved and intentionally struck Lieutenant Alexander.

The suspect continued to use his vehicle as a weapon against officers until he was shot by Corpus Christi Police Officers and arrested.

Lieutenant Stuart Alexander was 47 years old, a 20 year veteran of the Corpus Christi Police Department and is survived by his wife, his son, and three grandchildren.