Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers Celebrates 35th Anniversary

thank-you-corpus-christi-crime-stoppersCorpus Christi Crime Stoppers began October 21, 1981 in an effort to make Corpus Christi a safer community. The Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers in the community with the purpose to afford the public to provide anonymous tips to Detectives to close unsolved criminal cases in Nueces County.

Crime Stoppers was developed by Albuquerque New Mexico Police Detective, Greg MacAleese in 1976 which led to the solution of a horrible murder of a gas station attendant as a result of a violent robbery. Michael Carmen was a 20-year-old University of New Mexico student who was engaged to be married when Carmen chose to work an extra shift in July 1976 at the gas station where he was employed; but Carmen was murdered at 2am. Detective MacAleese was assigned the case, featured the crime as a re-enactment with help from the media, and the case was solved by a Crime Stoppers tip. Crime Stoppers spread throughout the country and reached Corpus Christi in 1981.

Crime Stoppers celebrates 40 years of existence this year and Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers thanks the media and the public for 35 years of success this year.

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers has recorded 5,034 crimes solved as a result of tips to Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers since October 21, 1981. Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers has led to the recovery of $3,952,621 dollars in recovered stolen property and the seizure of $1,234,621 dollars in the street value of illegal narcotics since the organization began in 1981.

Crime Stoppers is regulated by the Governor’s Office and operates without any tax dollars. All the rewards and the operating expenses from Crime Stoppers is solely from donations. Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers has approved $49,930 dollars in rewards so far in 2016.

Crime Stoppers is a method for the public to provide information to Detectives about unsolved cases anonymously and they will not be compelled to appear in court. The anonymity provides protection for people who are close to violent criminals and violent associates. The rewards offered by Crime Stoppers overcomes apathy in the community which prompts others to provide the good information. The first tip provided to Crime Stoppers which leads to an arrest makes the tipster eligible for the reward as long as the tipster is not in law enforcement or in the media.

Recently, tips to Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers lead to the solution of the murder at Shooters Depot (Case #1609010150). Crime Stoppers tips also led to the safe capture of a fugitive who was the driver in a single vehicle crash on the Crosstown Expressway that killed an 11 year old girl. The fugitive made threats to law enforcement and a Crime Stoppers tip led law enforcement to sneak up on the fugitive and capture him without any injuries (Case #1609100140).

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers is afforded a Corpus Christi Police Officer liaison to present the unsolved crimes to the public in a manner to protect victims, and preserve the case for courtroom prosecution. Former Police Coordinators to Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers include Heidi Frese who currently serves as Chief of Police for the city of Salinas, California; Robert Cisneros who currently serves as the Precinct 1 Constable in Nueces County; Mike Alanis who serves as Chief of Investigations of the Corpus Christi Police Department; Officer Massey Rodriguez who serves as a background investigator at the Corpus Christi Police Department; Shane Hunter and Jose Olivares who both have retired from the Corpus Christi Police Department and enjoy civilian lives.