Man Reports Insurance Fraud Under False Police Name

Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016, 21:43
Location 850 Stone Street
Offense: Insurance Fraud (Penal Code Section 35.02) State Jail Felony

Case Number: 1612270158

A 28 year old man reported a case of insurance fraud to the Corpus Christi Police on the 800 block of Stone Street Tuesday evening  in which the organization claimed to be associated with law enforcement.

The 28 year old man told Officers he responded to an online registration for a child safety kit which asked for names of parents and children to be registered.  The 28 year old man told Officers the persons claimed to be representatives of the “Texas Association of Police.” The 28 year old man told Officers the persons went to his home address to register for an “Amber Alert” and schedule another visit to start an insurance claim.  The 28 year old man showed Officers a paper with a letterhead that used a state symbol on it and uses the names of real people associated with law enforcement.  The letter offers insurance which the 28 year old man told Officers he does not believe is legitimate.

Police advise that customers should verify that insurance sales are conducted by licensed agents, know how to contact insurance organization representatives at any time, and do not provide personal financial information like a bank name and account number unless you have initiated the contact to a reputable organization.