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Corpus Christi Police Officers Win Medals At Powerlifting Competition In Austin

Three Corpus Christi Police Officers won two gold medals and one silver medal after they participated in the Texas Police Games in Austin, Texas on June 22, 2012.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office hosted the 2012 Texas Police Games in Austin. The Texas Police Athletic Federation promotes the athletic competition through the annual Texas Police Games for the purpose to encourage physical fitness and wellness for members in the law enforcement community.

Senior Officer Jay Simmons, Officer William Hobbs, and Officer Jason Tello of the Corpus Christi Police Department participated in the powerlifting event. The powerlifting event includes weight lifting in a bench press, squat, and dead lift. The officers were separated into weight classes, age, and gender for the lifting competition. Officer Hobbs won a gold medal for the senior 220-242lbs. weight class. Officer Tello won a gold medal for the senior 181-198lbs. weight class. Senior Officer Simmons only participated in the bench press due to an injury, but won a silver medal for the 242-275lbs. weight class.

Chief Simpson Meets With Members Of The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Chief Simpson and Detective Alvarado field questions from the group through the use of an interpreter.

On Tueday evening June 26, Chief Floyd Simpson and members of his staff attended a town hall meeting hosted by the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center at 515 McArdle. Chief Simpson was the opening speaker and took the opportunity to discuss his policing philosophy and some of the department’s new initiatives. The chief introduced Ronald Sepulveda, the MetroCom manager to explain how the department currently receives 911 calls from deaf and hard of hearing citizens and communicates with them. Mr. Sepulveda also talked about what’s in the future for MetroCom such as the next generation of 911 technology that will allow the call center to receive and participate in two way communications via texts and e-mails.

CCPD Detective Eddie Alvarado also spoke to the group about how investigators might better communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing community.  Some may be surprised to know that through his own initiative, Detective Alvarado has been studying sign language and is working towards a degree in that discipline.  Through his involvement with the deaf and hard of hearing community, Detective Alvarado has positioned himself as our department liaison with this community.

Several questions were posed about the possibility of providing some additional training to officers so that they might better recognize and be able to communicate with deaf and hearing impaired individuals. Chief Simpson acknowledged that there is more that can be done to improve communications and understanding between the police and the deaf and hard of hearing community.  He extended an invitation to representatives from the center to make a presentation to the next academy class.

Anyone who would like more information on the services provide by the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center can visit their web site at: .

Five-Year-Old Rushed to Driscoll after Near Drowning

Occurred on 6/24/12, 5:05 pm  Drowning 8202 SPID  1206240115 

Officer T. Taufaasau responded to Motel 6 for a possible drowning and arrived to find several people surrounding a 5-year-old boy yelling for help.  The child was laying by the pool’s edge having a difficult time breathing.  The Officer took hold of the child and rolled him over allowing a large amount of water to exit his mouth.  Shortly thereafter, firefighters arrived and rushed him to the arriving ambulance. 

The child was taken to Driscoll Children’s Hospital by CCFD Emergency Personnel.  Officer Taufasssau’s reported the child was breathing on own.  The child’s mother advised Officers she was in the pool with her son when she got out.  She turned around to find her son gone and began searching for him when she was told he had also gotten out of the pool.  When she returned to the pool area she saw her floating in the water.  She dove in and was able to bring her son to the pool’s edge where bystanders helped with CPR until police arrived.

With the arrival of summer and warmer weather, the use of pools and spas will also rise.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, child drownings in pools and spas still a leading cause of unintentional death, especially with children under five years of age.   By following simple pool safety tips, the risk of a drowning can be prevented.  Fence in your pool with a self-closing, self-latching, and lockable gate.   Install an alarm which will sound when a child falls in the pool or a pool gate opened. Never let your child swim alone or only with other children.  Pay close attention to your child when swimming; don’t read, text, or do chores and make sure your child takes swimming lessons. 

If you would like to learn CPR, please contact the Red Cross at 361-887-9991 or visit their website at for classes.



Cats’ Yowls Foil Burglar

Occurred on 6/22/12, 12:54 am  Burglary of a Habitation  520 S. Carancahua  1206220012 

A homeowner washing dishes heard her cats “going crazy” on her back porch was startled to see a man looking back at her when she looked out her dining room window.  She called 911 and within minutes Officers arrived to find Adrian Avalos (08/07/64) hiding in her screen in patio. 

He was also found to have entered an unlocked car behind the house and patio to gain access to the attached laundry room.  A combination of the victim’s quick actions and Officers quick arrival did not allow the suspect to steal any property.  Avalos was arrested and charged with Burglary of a Habitation which is a 2nd Degree Felony and punishable by up to 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000. 

The Corpus Christi Police Department offers free home and business security surveys to make your home or business safer.  Home inspections can also put money in your pocket by reducing your insurance premiums.  Please contact Crime Prevention Specialist Brenda Moreno at 361-886-2765 to schedule your free survey.

Enhanced Parking Initative Begins

The Corpus Christi Police Department is announcing the beginning of the enhanced parking enforcement initiative.  The goal of the initiative is to address often overlooked “quality of life” issues such as public sidewalks being blocked by vehicles, and other parking violations throughout the city. The initial phase of the initiative will focus on public education about parking laws and the importance of ensuring that roadways and sidewalks are open and accessible to vehicles, pedestrians, and emergency equipment. Officers will immediately begin issuing warning cards to vehicles parked in an improper manner.

The next phase will begin August 1st and will focus on actual enforcement of existing parking laws and ordinances.  Police and Parking Control officers will be issuing citations to vehicles parked in a manner that is a violation or hazard.

Questions should be directed to Parking Control at 361-826-3003.

What Are Brother’s For…..

Occurred on 6/20/12,  12:25 PM Fraud Use or Possession of Identifying Information   5488 S.Padre Island Drive       1206200070

Roland Ray Palomo (10/01/78) was detained by La Palmera Mall Security  after he tried to obtain credit at Kay’s Jewelers using his brother’s social security. A Kay’s Jeweler associate reported Palomo tried to buy a ring and applied for credit.  Shortly thereafter, their corporate office notified her, an identity theft alert had been placed on the social security number used.  The associate contacted the victim who verified  his brother was using his social security to obtain credit.

Palomo was arrested and charged with Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information, a State Jail Felony punishable up to two years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine.  If you suspect that your personal information has been hijacked or compromised to commit fraud or theft, take action immediately!  Keep a record of your conversations and correspondence.

First, contact the fraud departments of each of the three major credit bureaus and request a fraud alert be placed in your file.  Second, contact the creditors for any accounts that have been tampered with or opened fraudulently.  Third, file a report with the Corpus Christi Police Department.  For additional information on Identity Theft or Crime Prevention presentations, please visit our website at and click on Citizen Programs & Presentations.

You can also contact Crime Prevention Advisor Brenda Moreno at 361-886-2568 to schedule a presentation for you or your organization.


CCPD passes the 1000 Twitter follower milestone

The CCPD Twitter account, which has been in existence less than a year, has reached over 1000 followers as of last night. Through the use of Twitter and other social media tools, The Corpus Christi Police department has been able provide more realtime information to the community than ever before.  Thank you to all our followers who continue to re-tweet road closures, descriptions of wanted subjects and other important news to their fellow citizens.

City Hall Neighborhood Meeting Scheduled

The Corpus Christi Police Department and the Code Enforcement Division of Neighborhood Services would like everyone living in the City Hall area to attend a community meeting at City Hall, 6th floor Conference Room (1201 Leopard Street) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 from 6 PM to 7 PM . 

We will discuss efforts to clean-up the neighborhood in the City Hall area and any areas of concern. Please join us and bring a neighbor! Let’s work together to make a difference in your neighborhood.

Solid Waste Operations will also be sponsoring a special collection for brush and bulky items on Monday, June 25, 2012.

Trailer Vandalized

Occurred on 6/11/12, 4:53 p.m.  4617 Hamlin Drive   1206110133 

The 63-year-old victim reported to Officers his trailer was spray painted with graffiti sometime during weekend. The victim estimates $100 in damages to the trailer.   

Help us keep your neighborhood clear of graffiti, visit our website at and report vandalism in your neighborhood.  To report an act of graffiti in progress, call 911, but if the offenders have fled or unknown, please call our non-emergency 361-886-2600.  You can also submit an on-line vandalism report or a clean-up request with the City Customer Online Center on the website. 

Anyone with any information on this crime is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS or submit a tip online at

Corpus Christi Will Have Strict Parking Enforcement By Mid-Summer

The Corpus Christi Police Department parking control will begin to strictly enforce residential parking in order to provide a safer environment for the community.

The parking control officers will not only patrol the downtown area for parking violations, but will now also focus attention with police patrol officers to vehicles parked facing traffic and vehicles that are parked on the sidewalk. State law requires sidewalks to be free from obstructions and permit pedestrian traffic in a safe manner. Vehicles parked facing traffic is also prohibited by state law and is a safety hazard for passing traffic.

Parking control officers and police patrol officers will spend the next couple weeks making the effort to educate the public about the violations. Parking control officers will distribute information cards to vehicles in violation before the strict enforcement begins. The laws are not new, but, the strict enforcement will begin in mid summer.

A few reminders about parking are that the passenger side tires must be parked less than 18 inches from the curb, do not park on the sidewalks, and trailers may not be parked on the street unless attached to a vehicle capable of towing the trailer.