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Narcotics Investigators Serve Search Warrant at Home on Richard Street

117 RIchard drugs

Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 15:22
Location: 117 Richard Street
Offense: Possession of Marijuana 4oz-5lbs (State Jail Felony)
Case Number: 1606010103

The Corpus Christi Police Narcotics/Vice Investigators and uniformed patrol officers served a search warrant Wednesday afternoon at 117 Richard that was the result of several months of undercover investigation into marijuana dealing from this residence. Investigators arrested 36-year-old Nathan Gates, 4/21/80 for possession of marijuana. Gates was stopped in the 3300 block of Ayers by patrol officers assisting in the operation. Gates was returned to the residence and the search warrant executed. The search resulted in the seizure of 432.13 gr of marijuana, a Glock handgun, and $3,356.00 in cash, to include scales and packaging.

Anyone with information about the sale of illegal narcotics may submit the information to Investigators anonymously at the site

Narcotics Investigators Raid House on Seventeenth Street

Corpus Christi Police Narcotics Investigators, with the assistance of Police SWAT and Gang Units, served an early morning search warrant today at a residence in the 1200 block of 17th Street.  The search warrant was the culmination of a month’s long undercover investigation into drug trafficking from this address.  Arrested as a result of the raid were Longino Castillo (DOB: 5-22-90) and George Soto (12-7-93), both known local gang members.  Due to the gang involvement and the known existence of numerous firearms inside the residence, Narcotics Investigators enlisted the service of CCPD SWAT to make entry into the residence.  SWAT Operators gained entry to the residence at approximately 5:40 am, with no injuries reported to any occupant of the residence or officer.

Investigators seized a virtual arsenal of legal and illegal firearms, including semi-auto assault type rifles, shotguns, handguns, and improvised firearms, sometimes referred to as “zip-guns”, along with over 1000 rounds of ammunition. Officers also seized several homemade noise suppressors or “silencers”, five sets of body armor, homemade breaching tools or “rams”, ski masks and gas masks.  The existence of this bevy of weaponry and assorted raid type equipment suggests possible involvement in much more than narcotics trafficking to include robberies, drive-by shootings, home invasions and/or other acts of violence.  Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms responded to the scene and will be assisting with the investigation.

In addition to the weapons seized, officers seized distribution level amounts of synthetic cannabis, along with lesser amounts of crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, over $3,400 in US Currency, cell phones, weight scales, and suspected drug ledgers. Narcotics Investigators believe that this operation was a mid-level supplier of illicit drugs to smaller drug houses and street level dealers.

Castillo and Soto both face multiple felony charges including manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance, possession of a prohibited weapon, and tampering with evidence, as well as potential federal firearm violations. In addition, Soto was additionally charged with felon in possession of a firearm and felon in possession of body armor. Both were arrested and booked at the City Detention Center.

Narcotics Investigators believe this raid will deal a serious blow to the proliferation of synthetic cannabis dealing on Corpus Christi’s west side, downtown and near City Hall. Narcotics Investigators will continue to pursue leads as a result of this search warrant and are confident that more arrests and seizures will follow.

1200 Seventeenth Street
1200 Seventeenth Street

Narcotics Investigators Raid House on Cheyenne Street

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 14:42
Location: 441 Cheyenne Street
Offense: Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled substance in Penalty Group 1 >=1G<4G (Heath and Safety Code Section 481.112) 2nd Degree Felony
Case Number:1605170073

The Corpus Christi Police Narcotics and Vice Investigators served a search warrant Tuesday afternoon as a result of an investigation into narcotics dealing at 441 Cheyenne Street. Investigators seized 157.63 grams/ 5.55 ounces of Heroin and $6,418.00 in cash. Investigators arrested Jose Hernandez (11/26/51) for Manufacture and Delivery of Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1 at a first degree felony level. Hernandez also had an active arrest warrant for Manufacture and Delivery of Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1 at a first degree felony level. The search warrant led Investigators to discover Leticia Gonzalez (8/23/80). Investigators arrested Gonzalez for Possession of marijuana, Fail to Identify Fugitive from Justice, a Motion to Revoke warrant for Possession of Controlled Substance, and a warrant for Aggravated Assault with a weapon. Investigators accused Gonzalez of providing false identifying information to police about her identity but was positively identified by patrol officers who assisted at the scene.

Cheyenne Street drugs


Drop Off Unused Prescription Meds Tomorrow: D.E.A.’S National Prescription Take-Back Day Is Saturday

jpg Drug take back poster

After collecting and destroying 5.5 million pounds—2,762 tons—of unused prescription drugs in the past 5 years, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is continuing its efforts to take back unused, unwanted and expired prescription medications.  The DEA invites the public to bring their potentially dangerous, unwanted medicines to one of over 5,000 collection sites around the country that are manned by more than 3,800 of DEA’s tribal and local law enforcement partners.  This service is free of charge, with no questions asked.

The public can find a nearby collection site by visiting, clicking on the “Got Drugs?” icon, and entering their zip code into the search window, or they can call 800-882-9539.  Only pills and other solids, like patches, will be accepted—the public should not bring liquids, needles or other sharps to take back sites.

America is presently experiencing an epidemic of addiction, overdose and death due to abuse of prescription drugs, particularly opioid painkillers.  6.5 million Americans abuse prescription drugs, according to the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than abuse cocaine, heroin, and hallucinogens combined.

“Most prescription drug abusers get their pills from friends and family, including from the household medicine cabinet,” said DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg.  “Please remove unwanted prescription drugs from your homes and help prevent substance abuse fueled by our medicine cabinets.”

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of injury-related death in the United States, eclipsing deaths from motor vehicle crashes or firearms.  The removal from homes of unwanted prescription pills that can be abused, stolen or resold is an easy way to help fight the epidemic of substance abuse and addiction.
Collection sites are at the following locations in Corpus Christi, Alice, and Kingsville:  

Alice Police Department – 415 E. Main, Alice, Texas 78332

Corpus Christi Army Depot/Naval Air Station (Restricted to Military Personnel) – Corpus Christi, Texas 78419

Goodwill Store – 2961 S. Port, Corpus Christi, Texas 78405

Huntington Plaza – 5300 Saratoga, Corpus Christi, Texas 78413

KIII TV Station – 5002 SPID, Corpus Christi, Texas 78411

Kingsville Chamber of Commerce – 635 East King Avenue, Kingsville, Texas 78363

Nueces County Precinct 1 – 11408 Leopard, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

Nueces County Precinct 2 – 10110 Compton, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418

Police Serve Search Warrant on Caravelle Parkway

Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 15:56
Location: 3802 Caravelle Parkway
Offense: Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1 (Health and Safety Code Section 481.115) 3rd Degree Felony
Case Number: 1603220111

Corpus Christi Police arrested 26-year-old Darious Decuire (7/7/1989) Tuesday afternoon for Possession of a Controlled Substance at his apartment located at 3802 Caravelle Parkway.

The Corpus Christi Police Department Narcotics and Vice Investigation Division served a search warrant at 3802 Caravelle Tuesday afternoon at 3:34 pm.  Police arrested Derious Decuire (7-7-89).  Police seized approximately 3.5 pounds of marijuana, 39.73 grams of alprazolam, 14.11 grams of ecstasy pills, and 11.67 grams of cocaine.  There was also $222 in US currency and four cell phones that were taken as evidence.

Officers delivered Decuire to the city detention center for possession of a controlled substance in three different penalty groups and possession of marijuana. All four accusations are felony criminal charges.

approximately 3.5 pounds of marijuana, 39.73 grams of alprazolam, 14.11 grams of ecstasy pills, and 11.67 grams of cocaine
approximately 3.5 pounds of marijuana, 39.73 grams of alprazolam, 14.11 grams of ecstasy pills, and 11.67 grams of cocaine

Police Serve Search Warrant on Brennan Street

Date: Friday, February 26, 2016, 8:30am
Location: 1902 Brennan Street
Offense: Manufacture/Deliver a Controlled Substance (Health and Safety Code Section 481.112) 1st Degree Felony
Case Number: 1602260036

Corpus Christi Police arrested two people and seized evidence and currency from a house on the 1900 block of Brennan Street Friday morning.

The Corpus Christi Police Department Narcotics and Vice Investigation Division executed a search warrant at 1902 Brennan at about 8:30am on February 26, 2016. Investigators seized 4.5 ounces of powder cocaine, 1.5 ounces of crack cocaine, 2 grams of methamphetamine, and approximately $7400 in US currency.

Investigators arrested 32-year-old Rickey Reyes Flores (2/15/1984) and 29-year-old Veronica Ybarra (8/7/1986) for Manufacturing/ Delivery of Control Substance, a first degree felony punishable by up to 99 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.



Narcotics Officers Arrest Two At Motel

After an investigation into drug dealing from the location, the Corpus Christi Police Department Narcotics and Vice Investigations Division served a search and arrest warrant at the Modern Motel, located at 3421 South Padre Island Drive.

Police went to a room at the motel at about 5:40 PM on February 11 and during a search they found  238 grams of synthetic cannabinoid and arrested  a male and a female.

Daniel Salinas (07/30/1992) and Destiny Faith Botello (01/24/1996) were both arrested and charged with First Degree Felony Manufacture and Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

Officers found two small children, belonging to the suspects, in the motel room.  Investigators believe that they were there  while the drug dealing was going on.

Both children were released to a famliy member.


2-11-16 Modern Motel

Synthetic cannabinoid found during search of motel room

Narcs Arrest Two At Home On Sabinas Street

Corpus Christi Police Narcotics Vice Investigations Division secured a search warrant for a home located at 2922 Sabinas Street after receiving complaints of drug dealing from the residence.
Officers went to the home at about 4:15 PM on February 3 and during the search, 4.0 grams of crack cocaine was found.  Officers also seized a bag of synthetic marijuana and several pills.
Two people inside the home, Manuel Anthony Rodriguez (06/22/1984) and Crystal Leann Juarez (10/15/1993), were both arrested and charged with Second Degree Felony Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance and Possession of a Controlled Substance.
2922 Sabinas 4
4.0 grams of crack cocaine
2922 Sabinas 3
bag of synthetic marijuana and several pills

Narcotics and Vice Investigators Seize Drugs from Cain Drive

Date: Friday, January 22, 2016, 15:14
Location: 5000 Cain Drive
Offense: Manufacturing or Delivery of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1 (Health and Safety Code Section 481.112) 1st Degree Felony
Case Number: 1601220108

1-25-2016 2-37-12 PM 1-25-2016 2-37-45 PM

Corpus Christi Police Narcotics and Vice Investigators arrested 32-year-old Crystal Maldonado (1/8/1984) Friday afternoon for manufacturing or delivering controlled substances at her residence located on the 5000 block of Cain Drive.

Corpus Christi Police Department Narcotics Vice Investigations Division, assisted by Directed Patrol Officers, served a search and arrest warrant at 5022 Cain at 3:18 pm Friday afternoon.  During the search of the residence, investigators located and seized over 15 grams of crystal methamphetamine and 1.42 grams of brown powdered heroin.  Crystal Maldonado (1-8-84) was arrested charged with Health and Safety Code 481.112, Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1, 4 grams to 200 grams, which is a first degree felony.


Beware Of Drugs That Look Like Candy

With the recent arrest of two men for possession of ecstasy pills, the Corpus Christi Police Department wants to warn citizens that this type of drug is available in the city and we want to show people what it looks like.

On January 13, Officers with the Narcotics and Vice Unit, arrested two men at the barge dock on North Shoreline Boulevard. One of the men had in his possession a large bag of nearly 1000 ecstasy pills.

Police want to warn everyone in the community that these pills are illegal drugs that may be mistaken for some type of candy.


Ecstasy pills confiscated by Corpus Christi Police from January 13 arrest


Ecstasy pills confiscated by Corpus Christi Police from January 13 arrest


Ecstasy pills confiscated by Corpus Christi Police from January 13 arrest


 The Corpus Christi Police Narcotics and Vice Investigations Division  conducted an operation January 13 in the area of 1900 North Shoreline Boulevard that resulted in the arrest of two men.

The operation was the result of an investigation by Officers into the sale of Ecstasy. It  resulted in the arrest of Shamar Lindsey (07/29/1986) and Joshua Lindsey (11/26/1988). 

As Officers attempted to arrest Shamar Lindsey, he evaded Officers on foot and threw a significant quantity of crack cocaine into Corpus Christi Bay at the barge dock. The drugs were recovered with the assistance of Marina Patrol.  The drugs recovered were determined to be 28.80 grams of crack cocaine that resulted in charges of delivery of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence, both felony offenses.  He was additionally charged with evading arrest, a Class A misdemeanor.

Joshua Lindsey was contacted in a vehicle that was stopped by Corpus Christi Police K9 Officers leaving the scene of the investigation.  He was found to be in possession of approximately 1000 pills of Ecstasy weighing 202.76 grams. He was charged with delivery of a controlled substance, a first degree felony.  He was additionally charged with possession of marijuana, a Class B misdemeanor.


Ecstasy pills drugs and money confiscated by Corpus Christi Police
on January 13