Be Aware When You Carry Money Bags P2

The Corpus Christi Police Department wants to remind citizens to be aware of their surroundings when they are carrying money from banks.

While there has not been a reported case of the “jugging” type robberies since May 14, we want to warn citizens not to become complaisant.  We cannot be sure that these violent thieves have stopped targeting our city or if our citizens have made it too difficult for them to commit this crime.

Our department does have strategies it has implemented to address these crimes but we also ask that citizens do their part in protecting themselves.

The offenders are known to target mainly female bank customers after they leave a bank with a deposit or money bag. They park in the bank parking lot or very close by.  They are usually in newer model cars with paper license plate and tinted windows.   They watch the front door or commercial lane of the drive through looking for business related transactions. The suspects then follow the victims back to their business, or a location where they park their vehicle, and physically assault them and steal the money bag.