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Police want your help to find a missing 83 year old man

Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 15:22
Location: 500 Southern Street

Incident: Missing Person
Case Number: 1610260103

Corpus Christi Police would like help from the public to locate an 83-year-old man who went missing Wednesday afternoon from a home on the 500 block of Southern Street. Family reported to Police that 83-year-old Jose Carmen Marquez left the house to go to the store, and had not returned. The family called Police after Marquez was absent for two hours and they could not find him.

Marquez is described as wearing a gray and white shirt, and gray shorts, stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, is 163 pounds and has gray hair and brown eyes. Family reported to Police that Marquez only speaks Spanish and is physically disabled.

Police are searching for 83 year old Jose Marquez
Police are searching for 83 year old Jose Marquez

Anyone who believes to see Mr. Marquez should call Corpus Christi Police immediately at 886-2600 or dial 911.

Update 18:00 October 26, 2016

Mr. Marquez was found safe and has returned home.

Patrol Report October 24, 2016

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2016 1:56 AM
Location: 4400 Kostoryz Rd.
Incident: Driving While Intoxicated
Case Number: 1610220013

Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to 4400 Kostoryz Rd in reference to a roll over traffic accident. Officers arrived and observed a vehicle that was upside down with a female inside. Officers communicated with the 50 year old female suspect while waiting for CCFD to arrive and free her from the vehicle. Officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol on her breath and observed a beer bottle in her purse.

Witnesses to the accident advised that the victim vehicle and the suspect vehicle were traveling on Gollihar when the suspect vehicle hit the victim vehicle from behind causing the suspect vehicle to flip over.

The suspect was removed from the vehicle and transported to Spohn Memorial for treatment. The officer had enough probable cause to believe the suspect was intoxicated and was able to get a blood sample. The suspect was admitted into the hospital for treatment.

Date: Sunday, October 23, 2016 1:56 AM
Location: 3200 Foley
Incident: Terroristic Threats/Evading Detention
Case Number: 1610230023

Corpus Christi Police Officers responded to 3200 Foley in reference to a suspect threatening to shoot people. Officers arrived and were advised that the 44 year old male suspect was causing a disturbance inside a bar. The suspect was blocking another persons vehicle, when he was asked to move his vehicle he told the victim “I’m going to shoot you.” The suspect then drove away in a dark green Chevy Avalance.

Officers searched the area and located the vehicle in the area of 4800 Ayers Street. The officer activated his emergency equipment to conduct the traffic stop. The suspect vehicle pulled into a parking lot and to the rear of a bar and parked his truck. The suspect exited the vehicle, looked at the officer and refused to follow commands to stay in the truck. The suspect took off running inside the bar then out the front door. The officer gave chase and caught the suspect at Ayers and McArdle. Officers arrested Eric Garcia (12/24/1971) for evading detention and terroristic threats and transported him to the City Detention Center.

Date: Sunday, October 23, 2016 8:49 AM
Location: 4600 Yolanda
Incident: Burglary of a Habitation
Case Number: 1610230045

Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to 4600 Yolanda in reference to a burglary in progress. Upon arrival officers contacted the 51 year old male victim and the 35 year old male suspect. Officers detained the suspect. The victim advised that he came home and observed the saw the suspect going through his vehicle. He yelled at the suspect who then ran into a room attached to his house. The victim called for the suspect to come out and that is when he called the police. The victim noticed a air compressor was set by a door and that some drawers to a toll box were open. Officers arrested Hermilo Xavier Garza (12/08/1980) and transported him to the City Detention Center.

Date: Sunday, October 23, 2016 2:45 PM
Location: 4400 Sunlight Dr.
Incident: Assault Family Violence
Case Number: 1610230105

Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to 4400 Sunlight Dr in reference to a assault in progress. As officers were en route, the call was updated that the victim was on the phone and the suspect was making threats towards the victim. Officers arrived and contacted the 42 year old male suspect and the 54 year old female victim.

The suspect was upset  and as he spoke to officers they could detect a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. The victim advised that the suspect is her boyfriend of 6 months and they were having an argument. She stated that the suspect was drinking, acting strange and yelling at her for everything. The victim told the suspect that she was going to leave. The suspect became extremely confrontational and got in the victims face. The suspect then bit the victim on the nose causing redness and pain. The victim called police and went outside to wait for them to arrive. Officers arrested Shelby Alexander Davis (01/24/1974) and transported him to the City Detention Center.


Detectives Need Help Identifying This Suspect

Date: Thursday, October 13, 2016
Location: 3300 Crestmore
Incident: Burglary, Credit Card Abuse
Case Number: 1610130034

Corpus Christi Police Detectives need your help identifying this suspect. The man in the video is suspected of using credit cards that were stolen in a residential burglary. He went into several businesses in town using the credit cards to make purchases of various products.

He was seen leaving in a pickup with a chrome headache rack in the bed of the truck.

If you can identify this suspect, call Corpus Christi Police at 361-886-2600,  call Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS or submit the information online at Information provided to Crime Stoppers is anonymous and if the information leads to an arrest, it can earn the caller up to $2,500 dollars in a cash reward.

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers Celebrates 35th Anniversary

thank-you-corpus-christi-crime-stoppersCorpus Christi Crime Stoppers began October 21, 1981 in an effort to make Corpus Christi a safer community. The Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers in the community with the purpose to afford the public to provide anonymous tips to Detectives to close unsolved criminal cases in Nueces County.

Crime Stoppers was developed by Albuquerque New Mexico Police Detective, Greg MacAleese in 1976 which led to the solution of a horrible murder of a gas station attendant as a result of a violent robbery. Michael Carmen was a 20-year-old University of New Mexico student who was engaged to be married when Carmen chose to work an extra shift in July 1976 at the gas station where he was employed; but Carmen was murdered at 2am. Detective MacAleese was assigned the case, featured the crime as a re-enactment with help from the media, and the case was solved by a Crime Stoppers tip. Crime Stoppers spread throughout the country and reached Corpus Christi in 1981.

Crime Stoppers celebrates 40 years of existence this year and Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers thanks the media and the public for 35 years of success this year.

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers has recorded 5,034 crimes solved as a result of tips to Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers since October 21, 1981. Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers has led to the recovery of $3,952,621 dollars in recovered stolen property and the seizure of $1,234,621 dollars in the street value of illegal narcotics since the organization began in 1981.

Crime Stoppers is regulated by the Governor’s Office and operates without any tax dollars. All the rewards and the operating expenses from Crime Stoppers is solely from donations. Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers has approved $49,930 dollars in rewards so far in 2016.

Crime Stoppers is a method for the public to provide information to Detectives about unsolved cases anonymously and they will not be compelled to appear in court. The anonymity provides protection for people who are close to violent criminals and violent associates. The rewards offered by Crime Stoppers overcomes apathy in the community which prompts others to provide the good information. The first tip provided to Crime Stoppers which leads to an arrest makes the tipster eligible for the reward as long as the tipster is not in law enforcement or in the media.

Recently, tips to Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers lead to the solution of the murder at Shooters Depot (Case #1609010150). Crime Stoppers tips also led to the safe capture of a fugitive who was the driver in a single vehicle crash on the Crosstown Expressway that killed an 11 year old girl. The fugitive made threats to law enforcement and a Crime Stoppers tip led law enforcement to sneak up on the fugitive and capture him without any injuries (Case #1609100140).

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers is afforded a Corpus Christi Police Officer liaison to present the unsolved crimes to the public in a manner to protect victims, and preserve the case for courtroom prosecution. Former Police Coordinators to Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers include Heidi Frese who currently serves as Chief of Police for the city of Salinas, California; Robert Cisneros who currently serves as the Precinct 1 Constable in Nueces County; Mike Alanis who serves as Chief of Investigations of the Corpus Christi Police Department; Officer Massey Rodriguez who serves as a background investigator at the Corpus Christi Police Department; Shane Hunter and Jose Olivares who both have retired from the Corpus Christi Police Department and enjoy civilian lives.



Patrol Report October 19, 2016

Date: Wednesday October 19, 2016, 3:00 AM
Location: 1200 Bloomington
Offense: Burglary with the Intent to Commit a Felony, Aggravated Assault
Case Number: 1610190019

Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to 1200 Bloomington in reference to a shooting with injuries. Officers arrived and were directed to the victims house by a neighbor.  Officers checked the house looking for victims. Inside the house they observed blood leading outside the house and inside several room and on the walls. There were no victims located in the residence. A short time later a neighbor said she heard the shots and the observed the victim and a female drive away.

Officers did observe what they believed to be narcotics and a large amount of cash in one of the rooms. The narcotics and money were collected and tagged as evidence at the main police station property room.

At approximately 3:12 AM officers were dispatched to Spohn Memorial Hospital in reference to the shooting victim. Officers arrived and contacted the victims girlfriend. She advised that her and the 37 year old male victim were asleep when they heard the door being kicked in. The victim got up and that is when the gunfire began. The suspects fled and there was no description given. At this time officers have not been able to speak to the victim. The victims vehicle was located in the parking lot and it had blood in the passenger side inside and out. The Forensics Investigators processed the scene for evidence.

Murder Suspect in Custody

Date: Friday October 14, 2016, 5:10 PM
Location: 800 Omaha Dr.
Offense: Murder suspect arrested
Case Number: 1610130139

The suspect from the murder at 3500 Bluebonnet has been arrested. Corpus Christi Homicide detectives, U.S. Marshalls and the Corpus Christi Police Patrol Division worked together relentlessly and apprehended the suspect less than 24 hours after the crime. Officers went to the 800 blk. of Omaha Dr. and arrested Andres Garcia (03/08/1962). He was transported to the main station and then to the City Detention Center.

Patrol Report October 13, 2016

Date: Wednesday October 12, 2016, 3:05 PM
Location: 7100 SPID
Offense: Driving While Intoxicated with Child (PC 49.045)
Case Number: 1610120108

Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to 7100 SPID in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival officers contacted the involved parties. Officers spoke to the male (reporting party) who advised that the 25 year old female suspect called him to drop the kids off so she could go out drinking. The male stated when he spoke to the suspect on the phone she had slurred speech and sounded intoxicated. The male (reporting party) told officers that he did not want her driving with the kids in that condition. That is why he called the police.

Officers contacted the suspect who was in the drivers seat of a silver Nissan Altima. There were two children in the back seat, a 1 year old female and a 8 year old female. When officers spoke to the suspect her speech was slurred and she was very emotional and displayed other signs of intoxication. There was enough probable cause to make an arrest for driving while intoxicated.

Officers arrested Herrera Soledad (02/24/1991) for driving while intoxicated with a child in the car. Herrera was transported to the City Detention Center. At the detention center Herrera was found in possession of pills that did not belong to her. She was additionally charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Date: Thursday October 13, 2016, 4:51 AM
Location: 11100 Birdwood
Offense: Aggravated Robbery (PC 29.02)
Case Number: 1610130018

Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to 11100 Birdwood in reference to a burglary in progress. Upon arrival officers contact the 67 year old male victim. He stated that his wife told him that someone was in the vehicles in the driveway. The victim went outside and confronted a 16 year old male suspect near his tan Nissan Exterra with the door open. The victim stated when he confronted the suspect he took off running towards the back yard. There was no outlet in the back yard so the suspect turned around and ran towards the suspect in the front yard. The suspect pushed the victim to the ground and then kicked him before running away. The victim had a minor abrasion to his right shoulder and pain to his head.

Officers received another call just down the street that a home owner caught a subject trying to get into his cars. The home owner chased the subject down the end of 11100 Birdwood and yelled for the suspect to get on the ground. The suspect got on the ground and was taken into custody by a officers. The suspect was then positively identified by the victim. The 16 year old suspect was arrested for robbery. He was found to have property in a back pack from the auto burglaries.  The suspect was also found to be in possession of marijuana. The juvenile suspect was transported to the Nueces County Juvenile Justice Center.

Search Warrant at 1300 Sabinas

This morning, just before 0600 hours, Corpus Christi Police Department Narcotics Vice Investigations Division investigators, assisted by the CCPD SWAT team, served a search and arrest warrant in the 1300 blk of Sabinas Street.  This warrant was the culmination of a lengthy investigation into drug dealing from that location.


Investigators seized 162.14 grams of synthetic cannabinoid along with about half of an ounce of hydroponic marijuana.  Also seized were scales and US currency.


Three suspects were arrested as a result of the warrant:

Antonio Leal (4-23-95) was charged with first degree felony Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Martina Perez (10-23-62) was charged with first degree felony Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Ernest Gutierrez (4-29-78) was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and an outstanding Parole warrant.

Safe Exchange Place locations

The Corpus Christi Police Department wants to remind you about our Safe Exchange Places for online or internet sales or purchases. There are 4 locations in Corpus Christi that are under 24 hour surveillance:

  1. La Retama Central Library – 805 Comanche St.
  2. Ben F. McDonald Public Library – 4044 Greenwood Dr.
  3. Owen R. Hopkins Public Library – 3202 McKinzie Rd.
  4. Anita & W.T. Neyland Public Library – 1230 Carmel Pkwy.

As a reminder, for any exchange, remember the following:

  • Avoid going alone to make an exchange with a stranger. Always bring someone with you.
  • Avoid giving strangers your personal information, including your address.
  • Avoid exchanges at night if possible, even in the designated zone.
  • Avoid remote or out of the way places for exchanges and be careful of persons who insist on secluded locations or exchanges at their home.
  • Let someone know the time and place of your intended exchange and any information regarding the other person.

For more information please visit